Freedom in Obeying

F R E E D O M  I N  O B E Y I N G

We desperately need to know that we don't know ...

... in order for the system of the world not to crush us. The system of the world is not the way God intended it to be. God the Father is THE ONLY ONE who has the right system of EVERYTHING.

Can we run to the Father and say; "I don't know Father! I don't know Daddy! I don't know, HELP ME!" Can we be more like children?

When you are a child ...
... you let your emotions express yourself in the moment, you can't help to express what is inside of you; you can't help to express pain, you can't help to express joy.
... you can't help expressing that you don't know everything, you can't help expressing that there is so little you know. And you call for your mother, and you say; "mother, help me with this - I don't know how to do it."
... you can't help to express the cleverness of other people, especially your parents.
... you can't help to express how much you long for your parents when they are away.

In other words; you can't help to express that you are a child! You behave childlike, you act childlike. And when we like adults act like that ... there is a purity in that, a of loss of pride in that. Can we come to the Lord like that? And in that, on ONLY through that, there is an ableness to see.

We have to be much more like children and strip off the pride - of thinking we knowing everything. Just strip it off! We need to lay it down.

There is an urgency for us right now to become like children; to know that we truly don't know!

Ezekiel 9
Ezekiel 11

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