How to be led by the inner witness

Way too often we are looking for the spectacular as an answer from God on the inner.

We might think it has to be a loud voice from God or a tremendous sign from God in our circumstances. That’s the way the world speaks: loud, noise, all on the outside/flesh.

But God speaks in a powerful way on the inside – God does not need loud noise and all of that; because He knows when He moves IT WILL COME TO PASS! So therefore He moves in ease on the inner.

Also - He speaks in our belly, not our brain/mind. It is a knowing in our spirit. We are without of a shadow of a doubt when He speaks.

Listen and get clear on how to hear and to be lead by the inner witness!

John 9:38
Proverbs 20:27
Romans 8:16
Leviticus 21:20

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