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That He did come, that God sended His only son, so that we could be free, forever!

In that you can clearly hear just how much God loves us, because He want to save us forever.

He is very concerned about our souls, and in this message God is clearly saying, don’t get entangled in the flesh, but look to Me, the spirit within, Jesus, and get entangled in that, because that is what really matters.


Sacrifice - Take up the Cross and Follow Him

This in relation to us means that; when I do the things God wants me to do, I sacrifice the carnal for His sake. Just like Jesus did.

Then I do what God is telling me to do, then I am not doing what I think is right, because I don’t know what is right, but I am letting go of my own planning of how God should work out my life.

When He is doing opposite of what we think should happen, then He is saying; I am taking away the way you think I am working, and trust Me.

When He is asking me to give up something and we think it is painful then he is saying, I am purifying you to get that great life I have in store for you in that area.

That is called sacrifice for Jesus, this is the sacrifice we do similar like Jesus did. We sacrifice our body so that Jesus can live full on the inner.

Matt 16: 24-27
Matt: 27: 45
Matt: 27: 51-53
John 19: 28-30

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Luke 2: 7


... we give thanks that God sended His only Son so that we could be free forever.

We celebrate the freedom of sin. Jesus suffered in the flesh, just as we do when we are following the things God ask us to do. We sacrifice our flesh in order for us to live in a close intimate relation with Him.

Let’s rejoice in the sacrifice of our flesh, because that means we will come closer to God. To our Father, who longs to take really good care of us.

So when you think back, remember one really wonderful thing God did for you, and think back to the point when He told you to do that certain thing, it might not really have felt good at that particular time when He asked you, BUT when you did it, there came a greater reward.

Therefore do not be so entangled up in the feelings all the time. They are not trustworthy.

If God ask you to do something – that means you can do it, because He is doing it through you.

That’s how we overcome and walk through the difficult times, the troubled times.

That is how we, in action celebrate the event of God sending His only begotten Son.

Jesus was born in a stable, we think why didn’t God chose a nice house, I mean He is God He can do anything. One thing that symbolize is, that God can take what seems like nothing and turn it into the must spectacular thing for us in our lives. Just like Jesus is for us!

We wish you a really Wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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May the encounter of the Holy Spirit become alive in a more deeper and profound way in your life.

That there will be more close encounter with Jesus, that you will get that really close intimate relation with Him in a deeper way.

That you may have and receive the courage of God to do the task He has put on your heart to do.

Even if it means you have to go opposite of mainstream – God is with you!

That Gods Spirit may encounter your life and use you as a vessel, in a new way.

That God will implant a deep radical longing for Him, through His love toward you.

That we will run even faster, together, toward Him. in fellowship!

May the Grace and Peace of God be with you.


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