Heaven in the Daily life, part 4

Elena Radef Ministries


Lets look at how God have made the setup in heaven. We need to copy – paste that.

In heaven there is community, and in that they stand strong together. You always see the deeper meaning of community in the heavenly. Nobody is alone in heaven.

- The four creatures in heaven.

- The twenty four elders in heaven.

- The 10000 upon 10.000 praising God.

- Angels always interconnect with other angels and so on.

- When Jesus walked here on earth He walked with His disciples.

What I am trying to say is, GOD is not alone, He loves to hang out with us, and we really need to get that. And that is the only reason God created community – so that He isn’t alone. God loves fellowship. And we since we are created in the image of His son Jesus, we inherited those qualities.

In other words; it is normal for us to be in fellowship with others, as a conscience choice. 

Revalation 5: 11

Revalation 5: 8

Revalation 7: 16

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Bibeltext of the week - John 15: 12-14.

The importance of fellowship needs to be looked at not just out of the perspective of what’s in it for me, but in relation into, giving/sowing into Gods Kingdom ( the fellowship ). We have to sow before we can reap. When we are having a troubled day, we usually tend to want to get something before we can give. God’s way is opposite. When we do something for others before we are receiving, then we are sowing before reaping. 

God use other people in our life to be a blessing for us, if He didn’t used other people and we could fix everything ourselves, there would be no fellowship. That is why it is so important, that we ask God what can i do in order to help. 

We really enjoy being blessed by people, when they come and help us. That’s because we taste the fruits of Christ! And that is the way God wants us to live - to act out the fruit of Christ. 

So if there is one, you may even find little thing, God is asking you to do, do not hesitate, there is also a blessing for you in it. In that way God blesses two people when we are doing it His way. We don’t need to ask God if we should help others when it is oblivious if we can.  
Have a blessed day! 




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