Prophetic word for breaking bondage in order to walk i jubilee

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Prophetic word for breaking bondage in order to walk in jubilee

What is your bondage today? Which areas are you in bondage in?

Ask the Lord where you are in bondage right now. Sometimes we think it must be this, but sometimes the Lord will show you the root of the problem, which can be in a totally different area than you might think.

Remember the bondage needs to be broken spiritual first. And also, proclaiming the release of the things God has in store for us in heaven. It is all spiritual warfare. Listen to the teaching I am explaining what all of that is, mean, and how to do it!

And really get into knowing HOW much the Lord loves you! We can’t study that enough, get it under your skin, all the way in and into your heart!

In difficult times or trials; worship the Lord! Don’t go into heavy thinking about your problem. If you know you are doing what the Lord asked you to do, then you are doing the right thing, and know that the Lord is working on your problem.

We got to learn to do spiritual warfare – WHEN we need it. On the good days we know how to do it, we got to know it when we get attacked by the enemy, because he will. And don’t go into start doing your own thing when stuff happens. Don’t go into; God doesn’t love me - that is the uttermost best lie the enemy tries to come up with in those situations.

Prophetic word for this season I keep hearing is; "Freedom – bondage broken"

The Lord is asking don't you want it?

Isaiah 45
Colossians 2:13-15

Many many blessings


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