His Face - His Presence

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His Face - His Presence

Why do we always talk about seeking His face? What is the extreme importance of this?

What does it mean to seek and look at His face? What can we see, and what is He longing to show us about Him self?

Why do we refer to this concept when we speak of spending time with Jesus?

All of this and much more will we go through in the sermon.

Genesis 3:8
Matthew 17:2
Exodus 34:29
Revelation 2:18 + 1:14 + 1:17

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Be encouraged by the strong prophetic word from the LORD, shared by Elena.

This scripture is the prophetic word for now! 1 Corinthians 7:22  I heard one word: FREEDOM!

Way to often we think of freedom as something like; "I can do whatever I like, when I like it, and when I want it", but that’s not the way that is healthy for us.

We have a Father who knows much better when, where and how is the right timing for us in every aspect of our life. We don’t, but He does. He knows everything – we know nothing!

It is very important to understand our role in this partnership with Jesus. We are in that sense not on the same "level" as Him – in any way or concept. In that we have to realize how much we need Him.

So because of His love for us, we long to be His bondservant. BECAUSE OF HIS LOVE – this is possible for us! And IN THAT BELOVED, there is FREEDOM! What wonderful news for us!!

Many blessings and peace! 

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