Life - the power of words! Do yours kill or build?

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L i f e - the power of words! Do yours build or k i l l? 

One thing there is way too little emphasis on in a Christian life walk, is the renewing of our mind.

There is a constant choice we have to make in every situation we are in, when we are battling in our mind, struggling to get rid of thoughts. We try to push them away when in fact we need to know we carry the authority to choose the thoughts of the Lord. We don’t have to just put up with the thought that goes on in our mind. No – we choose!

And let me just say; we don’t just pick the thoughts we think sound good or nice. No, we take the word of the Bible, the word of the Lord and use them because those are the ones that speak the truth about us.

Romans 12:2
Genesis 1:2 

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"Now may the Lord show steadfast love and faithfulness to you. And I will do good to you because you have done this thing." - 2 Samuel 2:6 

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1 Chronicles 28:9

B i b l e t e x t  o f  t h e  w e e k 

1 Chronicles 28:9

For the Lord searches all hearts and understands the intent of our thoughts  - I think that is so marvelous. He knows when we struggle with things, He sees how much we try and keep on.

He sees our intention for situations, people and so on. There is an invitation in theses words, it is like as if He is saying; "Come, I will help you". And that is exactly what He does, when we ask Him.

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P r o p h e s y  f r o m  E l e n a  R a d e f  M i n i s t r i e s

Be encouraged by more strong prophetic words from the Lord.

My word holds your life by my hand around your waist.

I uphold you by my mercy

You walk by my grace

You breathe by my mercy

I will put you in new places that you could never dream of.

Believe in me and in the word I have for your life.

I have come that you may have life in abundance to the max until it overflows.

My word is the overflow of life

My word creates

My word breathes 

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