Freedom in bondage

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F R E E D O M   I N  B O N D A G E 

In life we are either a slave to sin or righteousness, light or darkness.

We are living in one of those two. We can’t live in both, that means I can't do whatever I feel like and live in the will of God. The Bible is very clear on that, and we realize this ourselves too at some point in out walk with God

When we come to know Jesus, we come to know this: What we think is good or right for us to do, to live in, to be in, is not good for us - at all. There are therefore things we have to lay down in our life. Things we have to get rid off, things we have to stop doing, and so on. Sometimes we know what it is and we think; oh, but it is so difficult!! – Yes it is!! BUT we have Jesus, and in Jesus and ONLY through Jesus, we can do ALL things.

I want to say that a bondservant at the time of Jesus was one well taken care of by His Master. The master took care of everything in the bondservant life. He treated them well and with care. We really need to know there is a very very big difference to become a servant of Jesus.

2 Peter 2:19
John 8:34
Romans 6:16
Romans 6:18

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G O D  L O V E S  A  C H E R F U L  G I V E R

2 Corinthians 9:7

"Each of you should give what you have decided in your heart to give, not reluctantly or under compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver."  

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N E W S  -  E L E N A  R A D E F  M I N I S T R I E S

2017 will be the year ...

... of doors opening.

Some are starring at the wrong door (own ideas).

But I will open the right doors – righteous doors.

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Matthew 19:17-26

B I B L E T E X T  O F  T H E  W E E K

Matthew 19:17-26

Read the whole passage, and think about the ALL THINGS in life that seems impossible, for that is possible for God through Jesus. AMEN!

If you have difficulties in your life, I suggest that you read the commandments of Christ. Ask Him; is there anything that I am not doing, that you want me to do? Remember; 'to do' means sometimes 'to give up something'. And then repeat this line over your problem, because as we read here that is what Jesus tells the rich man to do – Jesus is saying TRUST ME IN THIS.

Jesus wanted the rich man to trust Him! Later we read how much more He gives when we give up something for Him - that means the rich man would have received much more than what he already had.

“This is impossible for man, but with God ALL things are possible.“

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Freedom in bondage

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