Heaven in the Daily life, part 2

Elena Radef Ministries


Why is it important that we know that this is forever?

Because then we really get a deeper understanding of how God is operating. We get to know much more about Gods ways of operating out of and from an eternal perspective. That reflects directly into our daily walk with Jesus and God, because God always speaks, and act out of and from an eternal perspective.

That means He sees and know what is the best for us, in the long run, and in the long run, I mean, forever in the heavenly - long run. We tend to think in the long run here in this life, God sees and operate out of and from a forever point of view. He is concerned about our soul, we are concerned about our flesh.

Romas 6: 12-14
Romas 6: 22-23

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Bibletext or the week - Matthew 6: 21-22

It is necessary to look at our true inheritance in heaven on the inner, because then we will never get eaten by ”moth and rust and worms, where thieves break through and steal”.

It all means that the things that destroys us, comes very slowly into our lives. In such a slow way, that we hardly don’t see them; the moth, rust and worms, and in a way that, we don’t  know about, before it is to late; the thieves in the night.

What that enables us to see, is to get the eyes of God inside of us opened.  So that we can see  through the eyes of Christ, on the inner.

The eye resembles the spirit. First we need to cleanse (means to let go of our old ways of doing things) our selves, and then we get to see with the eyes of Christ on the inner. 



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