Trust God vilolently

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Trust God violently

We need to trust God violently, with everything within us!
Why? Because He will lead us into places and situations were we have no clue of what is going on, and He is in that training us to trust Him with all might!!

It needs to be a relationship based - and not rule based relationship - we have with Jesus. Other wise we will lose our first love – Jesus!

In deep intimate friendships there is trust. We need to do everything we can to grab hold of, with violence on the inner, with all force and might to project, so that our relationship stays that way and it keeps growing deeper and deeper.

He needs to be number One in everything!

1 Timothy 1:1-20. 

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Mark 14:3-9

Bibeltext of the week

We don’t always understand why people are doing “strange” things.
Why they are doing “odd” thing for the Lord, radical things and crazy things.

But who are we to judge even in the weird things. What is strange and weird in the eyes of the world, looks very different in the spiritual.

Read how the woman in Bethany anointed Jesus, and the way He responded to their criticism of her.

Mark 14:3-9. 

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In alignment of the words from last week it is a season of; getting the harvest
in the conquered land - a stepping out. Daring to go after what God is leading you into.

In Numbers 13:23 Jousha and Hoshea went into the land and brought out fruit.

Not small tiny grapes. No, big ones they had to carry on a pole, along with figs and pomegranates. (Notice they went, they didn’t stand and talked or thought about wether or not they should go).

Let your steps be led by God!!!

Many Blessings


This is harvest time 

Then the earth will yield its harvests, and God, our God, will richly bless us.
- Psalm 67:6

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God's love

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