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This is the beautiful and powerful story of Elijah passing on his mantel to Elisha, and also the way he ascended to heaven.

The rapture in his ascending is something we can lift ourselves toward in our prayers in seeking the Lord. Not seeking His hand but His face. It is not, obviously, the “full” rapture as Elijah, because then we would ascend, but it is a lift of our spirit toward Him - and in that there is a merging of His and our spirit.

And in that there is a necessary responsibility we need to know and take upon us, when we ask the Lord for something. If we want a spirit filled life, we need to lay down the flesh.

Why is it necessary for us to achieve or to know the importance of that? Well, because that is where we are united in His spirit, and we are freed from our flesh. That means our fear, our worry, our needs of things or ways of which we think we should have. In other words; everything that is leading us astray. It is the beginning of the fulfillment of the new creating living in us. It is always a beginning for each of us no matter where we are in our walk with the Lord. We are always beginners In Him.

2 Kings 2:10-17
2 Kings 2:12

The reason the book of Job is here as well, is because the Lord has a way of tearing down in our lives, in order to build up - in a way that we need to become more aware of. He has different way of organizing and leading us through life. I mean VERY different ...

And remember what Job received in the Lord. The Lord always comes out in favor for us, but we need to stick with Him.

Job 42:10-15
Job 40:6-14
Job 38:4-7
Job 1:18

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What a precious time we are in. We are in for the turn around for Europe.

I keep hearing prophetic things, being spoken over this precious time, from many different places.

• Keep proclaiming these new times, in this massive move of the Lord over Europe.

• Keep praying!!! Asking for this outburst of the Lord to come forth.

Thank you all!


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