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In this teaching I am digging into what it means to pray, why we do it, what is it for, how does it interact with our physical life and many other things.

These are the scriptural texts I am explaining these themes out of:

Psalm 45
1 Thessalonians 5:16-18
Philippians 4:6
Colossians 4:2
Ephesians 31
Acts 16:25-26
Revelation 3:7
Matthew 6:6
John 10:9

The Hebrew word for prayer means:

Intercede, interposed, interfere, throw in, made judgment, favorable, made supplication, the righteous prayer, meditate.

In other words it contain everything we need to speak to the Lord about.

(Praying also contains speaking in tongue, but I find that to be a teaching in itself.)

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Hebrew 13:18-19


Hewbrew 13:18-19
In the Bible you have in many different places a closing text asking for prayer. From these great, great men and women of God. They are asking; we need help in prayer, to either contain something, with strain, to endure, for strength, and so on. But never “make it go away”-prayer. Why, because they know the Lord will come through.

Praying is one of the most essential things we can do. Then we can know what to do, and in difficult situation we have the leadership from the Lord over our lives. Obvious needs for people, we don’t pray about – then we do, we act. 

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What a precious time we are in. We are in for the turn around for Europe.

I keep hearing prophetic things, being spoken over this precious time, from many different places.

• Keep proclaiming these new times, in this massive move of the Lord over Europe.

• Keep praying!!! Asking for this outburst of the Lord to come forth.

Thank you all!

The gifts we inherited through Christ, part 3


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