God has a plan for your life, no matter circumstances!

God has a plan for your life, no matter circumstances!

1 Chronicles 2:21 and 2:46
God knows all the details of our lives. Everything EVERYTHING!!!!

He knows everything we are going to do today. We don't even know that. It is a protection for us that he knows and remembers everything.

1 Chronicles 5:25
He sees everything we do, even the things that are not so good, the things we want hide from the Lord

1 Chronicles 2:68
Everything is listed, not because that the Lord is agreeing on that being a concubine is a good thing, but more to say that everything is listed. And listen into what a concubine is doing and which kind of life she is living, actually something we all can relate into today. Which kind of slavery are you in, in your own life today that you can hand over to the Lord and ask for help?

Galations 5:10
Fleshly ways and the ways of the spirit - what a difference!

It is time to hand over everything, it is time for division – what do you choose?

The Lord knows everything, even the one being conceived out of rape or living violence, He is not agreeing in on the rape or the beating, but He will always turn it around and set us free. And later He will give us a mandate for us to bear so that we can help others in a similar situation, or in the same situation. A mandate is an authority given to us by Him.

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News from Elena Radef Ministries

On June the 29th the Lord gave me these words.

The words are the times we are moving into and have already begun. I sense it very clearly. We in the ministry sense it clearly. I interpret what it means in the sermon.

"False prophets will be seen in these times

It is no longer about you. It is what you can give.

Division on the inner - what do you choose – comfort or Me. Flesh or spirit."

It is time to make and take a stand in every area of your life and hand over the problems to the Lord. He knows how to handle them much much better than we could ever possible do.

Ephesians 2:14-22

Bibletext of the week

Ephesians 2:14-22
Read here how Jesus took away the old man on the cross and gave us the new creation. He tore down the wall (the veil in the temple that was torn on the day he was crucified), and revealed and opened the door - and made it possible for whosoever to have a close relation with Him. That is what He is doing in every situation in our life, taking it and making it a new useable thing for us and everybody else as well. Something that was broken, He turns around into something good.

Peace in Hebrew means ...
... close, ease, favorable, friend, health, safe, secure state trusted welfare well, well-being, wholly, are some of the meaning of peace shalom. Isn’t that beautiful. Everything we need is in what Jesus gave us on the cross. 

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