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There has been and still is, al lot of talk about women in the ministry. Let us take a look at some of the central points in some different texts that are talking about that.

Open yourself spiritual in reading and hearing the word of the Lord in this matter.

1 Corinthians 11:2-10
Is a text that is talking about the head covering of the women in the church. It symbolizes the spiritual part in each of us, the female part, which needs to show and obey the Lord. So we cover our spiritual part in entering the church- head covering. The church is also our own personal life this is a church as well. The male part is en each of us as well. That represents the part of in each of us that take action.

1 Corinthians14: 26-35
In this text Paul is talking about women are not to speak in the church. That means we are to be still and listen to the Lord when we are in church. Church is in our own inner and in church.

Again the women represent the spiritual part that needs to be still in front of God, so that we can honor, obey and hear the Lord.

Galatians 1:6-7
All are equal to God. ALL – not some but all! It is important that we really get that.

Galatians 3:28-29
Let that veil be torn down in order for everyone to see, everyone equal!

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Isaiah 14:12-14


Isaiah 14:12-14
When we have equableness in the culture between male and female the enemy is having a really difficult time in striking because then there would be a unity that has never been seen before.

I am talking about it in reference of in our own inner (that is were we have to start – with ourselves get unity on the inner – peace) and also in the physical in general.

Antichrist is always trying and coming in on separating and divide in terms of some are better than others. Some have more value than others because of outer appearances. That is not the ways of the Lord. He solely looks at the heart. That which we cannot see, so why do we think we can discern which is the best and have more value?

Well we can’t, that is why we need to go to God.

Setting ourselves above others are not ways of the Lord. That is separation, the ways of antichrist. Thinking in terms of “I” and me and my group. That is were the division comes in between male and female.

Let us look at how Lucifer talks 

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Over and over, and more and more I hear, we in the ministry hear ... how the Lord is going to move over nations in Europe.

Very exciting times – let us keep praying for the new that are arising! He is already showing Him self in new ways, more healing are occurring, chains are broken, the prophetic words that come are very specific and accurate.

In other words; people are being set free from bondage in may many ways. These are some of things that I experience in my praying for people.

Therefore keep praying, we need each other prayers for many many reasons.

• Pray for the new that will come.

• Pray for projection.

• Pray for knowing and understanding of the Lord.

• Pray for how you can participate and give.

• Pray and ask – Lord what is my part in all of this? Show me. Lead me.

And let us give thanks to the Lord for ...

... everything He has done for us.

... every detail in our lives He is attending without us even noticing it!

Thank Almighty God For Everything!

Many Blessings

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God's Church - radical fire of Love

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