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In the Bible there isn’t much, least to very little text about John and under which circumstances he was seeing and writing The Book of Revelation.

If find it interesting how God turns a totally radical situation into something beautiful. God is in the sense showing His greatness - in that for us to really know how to trust Him, no matter circumstances.

John was in prison at Patmos, at this point in time he was at least 90 years old. Working hard labor during the daytime, and sleeping in a cave at nighttime. The island was sterile, that means nothing was growing there - no fruitfulness. He was being mocked by the romans guards. He did though found favor in the other prisoners because He was constantly reciting the Gospel and living those words. He knew the power of the Gospel.

He was the last of the disciples and as far we know today, the only one of them who didn’t die a martyr death.

What a contrast to The Book of Revelation. Living under such circumstances and writing these words. That I find really interesting because God is the same today. He will do the same today. Take a radical situation and turn it around into something we cannot imagine. IF WE STAY CLOSE TO HIM!!!!

Let us read some of the wonderful text from The Book of Revelation:

The Book of Revelation 1:12-20
Here God is depicting Him self in the text as The Son, The father and The Holy spirit. Imagine seeing this…..depict the text in your inner while reading it.

Another thing I find fascination with God, is that He operates in the same gift through people today as He did back then. The gifts are the same.

God is beyond time and is therefore now! God is always present in the now, in the moment, and therefore His words are timeless.

God is perfect, and therefore He only wrote one book. JUST ONE!

His words exist beyond time therefore it is important that we lean into the words of the Lord.

God is so Holy that He is perfect, and He is so perfect that He is Holy!

Therefore the Bible is alive for us today as well.

Genesis 1:3
The words that God spoke in the time of creation, are the same today. They apply the same amount of power as back then.

Can we really grasp the authority we received through Christ?

God is asking what do you really want?

Do you trust Him?

Do you really want to?

What do you choose?

We are Gods children, and He loves us beyond our imagination, and therefore He will NEVER leave us!

Blessed be the name of the Lord!

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Over and over, and more and more I hear, we in the ministry hear ... how the Lord is going to move over nations in Europe.

Very exciting times – let us keep praying for the new that are arising! He is already showing Him self in new ways, more healing are occurring, chains are broken, the prophetic words that come are very specific and accurate.

In other words; people are being set free from bondage in may many ways. These are some of things that I experience in my praying for people.

Therefore keep praying, we need each other prayers for many many reasons.

• Pray for the new that will come.

• Pray for projection.

• Pray for knowing and understanding of the Lord.

• Pray for how you can participate and give.

• Pray and ask – Lord what is my part in all of this? Show me. Lead me.

And let us give thanks to the Lord for ...

... everything He has done for us.

... every detail in our lives He is attending without us even noticing it!

Thank Almighty God For Everything!

Many Blessings

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Mark 15:29-39


Mark 15:29-39
Let us read about another thing God has done for us. The most significant one ever which is; Jesus giving up His life for YOUR SAKE. For OUR sake, each of us!

Let us read some of the things He went through up to right before the crucifixion.

The mockery; they "reproaching Him abusively in harsh and insolent language, wagging their heads", the beating, they spat on Him, the wiping - all kind of things and then of course the crucifixion it self.

After all of this God is tearing the veil down. It took 300 priests to carry the veil. God ripped it apart from top to bottom. 

Again God is making things opened for us in the middle of a huge trial. In the middle of difficulties, in the middle of the hardship, pain and anguish, God does the most unbelievable things. I know none of us can imagine what Jesus went through, but we can use that depiction into our own life. 

God always respond in our favor! He will always show His face in difficult times.

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When we sow into the church, we sow into the ministry of God.
When we sow into Him, He will always respond in favor of our giving, that means He always multiply what we sow.

"Will a man rob God? Yet you rob me. But you ask,” How do we rob you?” In tithes and offerings”.           - Malachi 3:8

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A celebration of Christ - the Anointed one


A celebration of Christ - the Anointed one

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