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Exodus 32:1-24
I wonder how may time the Lord is preparing the good things in our lives, but we MISS it because of impatience. Here the text is talking about the impatience of the Israelites makes them do ungodly things and turn to ungodly ways because they can’t see right away what is going on.

God is doing great things for us in our wait. Let’s wait on the Lord.

What do we use our free will on, to point it toward God, or our own way?

Exodus 32:30-35 
Convicting is good thing. It makes us grow and sets us free. God is never condemning toward us. He already took ALL of our sins therefore He could never be condemning.

It is very important what we give ourselves into and don’t just take whatever looks good or feels really nice in the moment. Most of all the things that are on the marked today are not from the Lord.

Saul went to the medium and called Samuel back, but it cost him his life. There are so many things that are misleading us, I know that for a fact because I used to practice them all; I used to “help” people in many different ways that was not of the Lord.

In this last part, I am encouraging you to go deep with the Lord, to get really serious with Him and give Him all of yourself. Not just some part but ALL!!!

Jesus is so worth giving everything to - giving our selves to. He carries the master plan for our lives, a greater plan than we could even begin to comprehend, BUT we have to let Him!

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Galatians 5:19-25


Galatians 5:19-25
Galatians is a whole long scripture about Paul telling us what to look out for, that we have to keep being watchfull in all our conduct. The text is just as much accountable for today as back when he wrote to the church of Galatian. Paul is speaking very blunt about what to be aware of and not to engage into.

When we practice all of these things, we will not inherit the Kingdom of God. Which means we cannot be close to God because something is in the way. Let us not be afraid of being convicted because then we have the opportunity to change. If we don’t know what we are doing, then we can’t change.

Right after that he also telling us what to do, how to live, act, behave, and speak look for in our selves and each other. I really really like that, such encouraging and uplifting words.

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Awake now – wake up!

Let us stay in that position - open and awake, ready to find out how He is going to reveal everything in us and around us. Let us stay in expectation of the Lord of how He will move, because it is exciting times we are in. Many people I meet, clearly see and experience the signs of this awakening of the inner man, of how the Lord are going to pour out His spirit in such a way it is inevitable not to be awakened.

Therefore keep praying, we need each other prayers for many many reasons.

• Pray for the new that will come

• Pray for projection

• Pray for knowing and understanding of the Lord

• Pray for how you can participate and give

• Pray and ask – Lord what is my part in all of this? Show me. Lead me.

Many Blessings



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"Will a man rob God? Yet you rob me. But you ask,” How do we rob you?” In tithes and offerings”.           - Malachi 3:8

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