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John 5:24-30
“The hour is coming”: Jesus is referring to here, contain in the old Greek language, some different meanings. 1) Hour means a moment – a look, 2) it also means the twelfth part of the day reckoning from sunrise to sunset and consequently it perpetually varied in length. That means here it varies in time when we are in that deep relation with Jesus, because it is up to us to lay our life down, for Him. 3) it also means we have to live and act ready for Him. We have to live a prepared life. Not a slumber sleeping life, just passing by with whatever goes on.

Luke 12:38
The judgment is referred to the part were God is convicting us, in ourselves and in others through Christ in us. So we are not the ones doing it, but it is God that is convicting us. Remember that God carry a humble heart, a caring heart, and that is what we listen into. There is no condemnation in the Lord.

We get the discerning spirit through Christ, in us.

Jesus is also talking about the discerning spirit we receive from the Father through Christ. He is talking about the gifts of the spirit, when He referring to and saying: “Do not marvel”. In that He is saying, this is normal lifestyle with me, through me. He is talking about prophesying, healing the sick casting out demons and so on.

The righteousness of the Lord is based on God spirit is merging with ours and there is an agreement in the spirit, the unity is the spirit is the convicting part, if that isn’t there then it is out of reach of Gods spirit, and therefore wrong.

So we get to feel the agreement when it is right, even if God is convicting us. We get to know that when God is correcting us He is doing it out of love.

John 5:19-23
Here Jesus is talking about the importance of hurrying and go to the Lord, with everything.

When the Lord is judging us, He is setting us free!! This not a carnal way of judging, it is the judging of the God, which is very different.

Alter call and some prophetic words at the end.

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When we sow into the church, we sow into the ministry of God.
When we sow into Him, He will always respond in favor of our giving, that means He always multiply what we sow.

"Will a man rob God? Yet you rob me. But you ask,” How do we rob you?” In tithes and offerings”.           - Malachi 3:8

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Awake now – wake up!

Let us stay in that position - open and awake, ready to find out how He is going to reveal everything in us and around us. Let us stay in expectation of the Lord of how He will move, because it is exciting times we are in. Many people I meet, clearly see and experience the signs of this awakening of the inner man, of how the Lord are going to pour out His spirit in such a way it is inevitable not to be awakened.

Therefore keep praying, we need each other prayers for many many reasons.

• Pray for the new that will come

• Pray for projection

• Pray for knowing and understanding of the Lord

• Pray for how you can participate and give

• Pray and ask – Lord what is my part in all of this? Show me. Lead me.

Many Blessings

Honor of God


Honor of God

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