The Cross - Lord, how do you want me to respond

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What did Jesus die for in order for us to have, for each for us to receive? What kind of a life has His death on the cross being made possible for us?

Matthew 27:26-31
He got beaten, scourged, and they took Him away to mock Him. He was blindfolded. They beat His head, and after all of this beating, He had to carry the cross to Golgotha were He was crucified.

What has this got to do with us today? With me, today, our personal life today?

What did Jesus take for us in that moment? What did He restore for us in that moment?

The crown of torn represent the lies of the truth that people lived under at that time, lies from the enemy that are going on in our head. The enemy is taking an old sin trying to create e new sin.

The striking on the head represents the restoring stronghold in the mind. The captive ways of the mind are being set out of order. That demonized people are being set free.

The scourging of Him represents the restoring of being healed from sickness, and where to really put our trust. Were our real projecting is. Not in fame, money, work or things we do, but in Him.

He is being killed and at the same time restoring for us to live in the open passage to The Lord.

Living in and through our heritage in the Lord.

How do we respond to the killing of the old life? Do we ask God; how do you want me to respond in every situation, every time FIRST? That is one of the main things He has called us into and to carry out the spiritual gift He has for each of us. Just like the disciples did.

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Luke 12:54-56


Let us stop fooling around with our walk with the Lord.

Let us go to God with whatever issues we have, hand them over and take that next deep step toward Him, toward our walk with Him, toward our call and toward our ways of serving Him, because God is calling us to wake up and keep on keeping on nor matter what. He will come to pass in everything in our lives, but we have to keep on, because we have to realize the times we are in, the way we walk with Him. All the really great things He has in store for us, but also realize what is really going on.

Luke 12:54-56
Read what Jesus said that He came with and what we should do!

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