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Matthew 4:18
Our spirit responds immediately when the Lord is calling, and we as Christians should be recognizable in our spirit walk.

The word of the Father makes us obey without reason. That is what is does. It is not something that we can understand. We just do. There is a spirit reaction. The natural man does not understand this, he can’t because we are discerning with our spirit, using our spirit to walk with the Lord.

First we recognize and later we come to realize. First there is a response to what we recognize in our spirit, and later we realize.

When Jesus is calling us, it is radical, and when it is radical, it is not polite. That’s how Jesus walked and lived

Matthew 10:34-3
Here Jesus depicts the radical walk with Him, with God, with the Holy Spirit.

First we love Him, we say yes to Him, and then we have to take up our cross, take responsibility, and leave the old and walk with Him. The only reason God wants us to do such a thing, is because He is so worth it! He is so good. He is the only one who can take the worst mess and set it straight in our lives, that’s how good He is, and we don’t know these things until we really say yes to Him, wholehearted.

1 Corinthians 2:13
We can’t use our brain to understand God. If we only use our feelings and our soulish way of trying to understand God, we will not succeed.

God is Holy Spirit!

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1 Peter 4:7-9


1 Peter 4:7-9
Here Peter is speaking about a why we should walk with God, how we should pray, and we should always act and live like as if it was in the last days of time (I know the text is referring to many things, but in this I am referring into the personal level of prayer with the Lord).

This sentence worth thinking about; “love covers a multitude of sins”, so when we act lovingly towards each other and ourselves, it takes away sin – when we realize the love God has for us – then it covers, makes it something we can’t see, in other words it is gone. He removes our sin because God is good, and in that there can’t exist sin; hence it has already been removed on the cross.

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We need you to press in and pray for revival - it is coming! Elena Radef is here giving you some thrilling news from the ministry.

"I discovered something today that freaked me totally out, in a good way. Freaked me out in the knowledge of how outstanding, great and utterly magnificent the Lord is.

It is important to keep proclaiming the words of the Lord. We might not see anything at first and the enemy tries to steal our hope away in our waiting on the Lord.

Remember that hence God is spirit, everything is coming in an opposite way than things of the world, looks different to, and yet everything has an order and a timing of the Lord, since He is control.

These weeks are very intense, and the Lord gives me many dreams and visions, I am going to share one more, but first a little background.

It was prophesied 110 years ago, in the Azusa congregation, which was the first Pentecost church, that there was going to be an even greater awakening/revival outpouring of the Holy Spirit, than had happened in Azusa 1906. Which means that is today, in these times. They held the Azusa - The Call on April the 9th 2016.

The core congregation in Azusa held only a core group of 50-60 people, and because of Azusa 500 millions became Pentecost, not that is it the only way, but more what the consequences was later on.

The dream/vision I want to share today has something to do with this:

I saw a group of people that was ready to go out. They were wearing a kind of a uniform. They were in a place that was completely dark (which represent the world and ways of the world).

They held swords and rods.

I heard the Lord say: I will send 50 or 60 people. It is a small army, but it is enough.

50 are the number of the coming of the Holy Spirit and 60 means courts. It also means a confirmation of the prophecy from Azusa. It also means NOW! The dream contains many meanings, but I am not going to go into them all.

But what I do want to say is; God is the same, and He operates in the same number as He always has done. He fulfills His promises, because that is who He is, a living and loving God.

I hope you really get the importance of this message! We are in these times now.

The awakening times of Europe!!!

With Blessings"

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