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1 Corinthians 2:13
Jesus is the flavor of life. He is the one who brings the vessel alive. THE TRUE LIFE comes alive when He comes to dwell in us. We don’t know what it really means to live unless He is dwelling within us. And when He does everything changes. Our lives change, how we act change, what we say change, what we use to find interesting are not any more and because of that we are going to stick out.

Acts 2:1-4
The day of Pentecost was 50 days after the Passover. The number 50 means coming of the Holy Spirit. If find it interesting that everything in the bible has a complete meaning. This text shows the true meaning of the coming of the Holy Spirit. 

This passage shows how radical the Holy Spirit is, how He moves amongst us. It is the same today. He is the same today.

Let’s not be afraid of doing things “out of the ordinary” if He ask, He will always give us the grace to do it, because He knows what He is doing. God is in control. There is a difference between being rebellious and radical. God is radical fire of love for people. We are in this world but we are not of this world, and that is why we come to stick out.

Matthew 13:31-34
Listen to the way Jesus teaches, it makes us listen when He speaks like this right? Which is the whole point. - Radical speaking.
Jesus is the flavor. When we become Christians we become the salt of the earth because of the flavor of Jesus within. It is all about Him.

Prayer: Radical fire of love. Let’s yield ourselves to Him.

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We need you to press in and pray for revival - it is coming! Elena Radef is here giving you some thrilling news from the ministry.

"These past’s months has been very intense, but especially the last weeks have been obscure radical intense. We are living in a very exciting time.

I this period I have had many many prophetic dreams, some personal and some directly for the whole of Europe.

There is one of them I want to share with you, because of the importance of the encouragement from God in these times.

These past weeks I have been with people from England who have prayed for Denmark over a period for 20 years. Praying for revival, praying for that the anointing would fall on the Scandinavian countries. While I was with them, they got an email from a very prophetic man that had seen revival over the Scandinavian countries, first, and that it would spread on down over the rest of Europe.

I know people who have been praying for Denmark over a period for 40 years. That is a LOT! Most people would have giving up, but the Lord gave them the strength to carry on – we are standing on their shoulders. All the praying they have committed them selves to, we benefit from!!!! We don’t have to start all over- no, we can carry the torch on. It is very, very important that we honor such unseen people.

One of the recent prophetic dreams I had that encounter Europe, is this following one:

I see a land map over Europe. I see the countries over Europe divided up as on a map. I see the countries in full size. Then I see two huge angels descending over Europe. The bottom of their robes covers all of Europe.

I am looking at the whole thing from a distance, and out of that I see and experience how very very little the earth is compared to heaven. I see heaven around/above the earth. Heaven is in the containment of the rest of what is out there. Which is heaven.

I see that the earth is at the size of a pinhead, because the pinhead is lying in the hand of The Lord, which is standing up looking down and in absolute full control of everything.

I hear the words: I saw two angles descending over Europe.

I hope that this will encourage you to keep staying in prayer, and that your prayer matters - even when we don’t think or feel so.

With blessings." 

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John 1:29-34


John 1:29-34
There are many reasons why it is all about Him - about Jesus, but one thing I find interesting is that John as one of the first thing to call Jesus is; “The Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world”.

In other words He saved us from destruction. I think that is really worth giving Him all the glory for. He saved our lives. Thank you Jesus!

I think the whole text here were John is talking about, confessing on whom Jesus is so beautiful ... 

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