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Job 1:6-12
The book of Job talks about a righteous man, who was doing all the right things in order to serve and please God.

Why does God allow certain things in our life when we try to do the right thing? Why does is seem like that the more of the right thing we do, to more of the opposite appear in our life?

One of the major questions this text is talking about is; can we lean into the promise of God even when things are seemingly going the opposite direction? That is one of the things we go through in our preparation walk with God.

Job 33:10-28
Trust God no matter circumstance even in our deepest hour of distress. Is it possible for us to do that?

God makes us disgusting to us, to see what our ways in life is like without Him. Making us see very clearly what our life is like without Him in it.

God is in control all the time.

God is stripping us down to the bone. Tearing all the old man away in order to build up the new man.

This stripping down is necessary, in order to receive to full favor from God. The full favor is everything that God wants us to do, to be in, to live in for Him. It’s got nothing to do with us, but everything to do with Jesus and how can we serve Him.

When He is stripping us down we are losing everything of the old. Old ways of thinking, old habits which we thought were okay and good, old lifestyle. All of the old is changing and we are in that longing to be with Him, to serve Him, because we realize that His ways for our life so much better than the ones we could possible ever dream of. He knows us, we actually don’t, because we lived a life though the old man.

This is the serious walk with God.

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Job 42:10
I find this ending text in The book of Job interesting. Notice that the Lord restored everything to Job when he prayed for his friends (whom were against him in his trial with God ), they didn’t understand Job and the way he was dealing with everything that came against him. In other words they were his “enemies”.

He prayed for them. This is really truly a God principle we are learning here. When we have a problem, we don’t focus on that but on helping or praying for somebody else, and in that God is taking care of our problems.

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