What Do We Access To, Through Jesus

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Ephesians 2:14-18. This is what we have access to through Jesus. 

We have access to The Father. The old law of commandments became one into the new creation in us. The old law of commandments then becomes natural a thing in us, because as it is written, they become one. Something that makes us wants to do the right thing. Makes us want to live in the qualities of Jesus, in us. Hence Jesus is in us when we say yes to Him.

Jesus came so that we live in this freedom in Him, through Him.

Therefore we can lean into Him in every circumstance. We don’t rely on the outer things in our life, so we don’t look into the circumstance, but trust the word. We put our faith in Him.

The mystery of God is that we go to Him and stay. Stay in Him!!!! That is not really a mystery, because is it written right there in front of us, but it can become so much “in our face” that we can’t see it. We pray and stay in Him.

Ephesians 3:8-13. Purpose of the mystery 

We have everything in Christ. The only purpose for our free will is to point it directly at Jesus.

We have to trust that He carry us, all the time, no matter circumstances, and we have to look at Him all the time and live in this knowing. It is through Him the impossible becomes possible.

We are a mere vessel, here to serve Him. Is has everything to do with Him. It is not about us!

Isaiah 66:15

God will come and clean everything out inside of us, so in that, we draw deeper and closer to Him, and in that He can use us for His purpose completely. Not some, but completely.

We have access to Heaven right now, in us. Jesus is the door.

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Ephesians 2:19-22

Let’s have a look again what we have in Christ, what is it we have access to through Jesus.

We are no longer strangers, but members of the house of The Lord.  We are being created a new, (a new creation) out of the old foundation from the apostles and prophets.

Do we really know what we have inherited in that? All of those prayers, suffering persecuting and so on! We are standing on their shoulders.

We are now carriers of that torch. A huge privilege for us, therefore we need to examine our life in every way we can so that we can carry the torch in a honorable way.

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