PART 3 of The gifts we inherited through Christ

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Ephesians 4:11-17

There is no punctuation in the whole text – it means that everything is connected. Everything is important.

Jeremiah 1:1-19

I recommend that you look into the text while listening to the sermon.

We got the gifts as our inheritance, therefore have we nothing to fear in the things God is asking us to do. We will always be able to do what God tells us to do. Never fear circumstances (faces), because when it is lead by God, things will come to pass no matter circumstances.

Don’t trust the physical that you’re looking at, but trust in Gods leadership.

And also notice God will ask you to move, that means that we are to take action - and not just sitting around and praying, because God will always want us to take action and step out in the world.

I mean, it is no good just praying for a person in need. It could be a person you know who is lonely; invite the person out. It could be a person with physical needs; call and ask if there is anything that you can help with. It could be a person with emotional pain; go and spend time with that person, pray for that person, and so on. Here you have the action part.

The call is also a call into higher calling, into greater things. It could be ministering to people in a different in areas in your city, it could be going on mission. It could be both.

The text also talks about how we should act out the things we hear or see in the prophetic. Seeing in the prophetic, is seeing on the inner in our spirit.

Ecclesiastes 12:6

Don’t be afraid of the things you might experience or see.

The things from the Bible applies just as much today as back then when the Bible was written, BECAUSE God doesn’t change. He is the same, therefore the gifts are the same - because the gifts are from God! You could say the gifts are God in us, moving.

The things we might see seem very strange in the physical world. None of the less, if we look into the Bible, we can clearly see that the way God moves and lead us, is very, very different from the worlds way.

Revelation 4:6-8

2 Chronicles 29:25-30

Is talking about the importance of the fellowship in the spiritual gifts.

Prayer and Alter call.

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Daniel 1:20

The spiritual gifts we inherited through Jesus is ten times better than what man will ever be possible to do. The text here also refers to ten times better than antichrist.

The number 10 is referred to as a perfect number, 3+7.

Also 4+6 number - 4 stands for physical creation, 6 the number of man = testimony, law responsibility and completeness of order.

The Ten Commandments, which again is the completion of God in man's life. The life God is leading us onto, not as a law as it was in the Old Testament, but given to us through Christ. 

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Deep Joy, part 2 - God vs Wordly Happiness


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