PART 2 of The gifts we inherited through Christ

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PART 2 of The Gifts We Inherited Through Christ

Let me first of all say the Love of God is the most important thing we can know. 

It is through His love we got the spiritual gifts. That means that God is using us for His gifts; that in the moving of the gifts, He moves.

The spiritual gifts from God is eternal because it is Him working and using us as a vessel.

The love of God is the most important thing, and out of that side effect He pours out the spiritual gifts. God's love come first in everything.

Ephesians 4:11-17 describes the whole purpose for our gifts – to build up Christ in us, in the community and together in fellowship. Notice in the text that Paul talks a lot more about why the gifts are important than the gifts in itselves. That means we should solely look at Jesus and what He wants us to do in every situation, and out of that God uses the gift to declare Himself through us to other people.

In this sermon I am talking about the way God works in and through prophetic dreams.

God always works in many layers at the same time. Here I am talking about dreams God gave to me, and yet how the dreams is for the whole as well, and also showing how things REALLY are in the spiritual.

There is always development in the spiritual gifts. How do we develope and grow in them?

The gifts are supernatural natural. We feel naturally good in them, it is like as if we have done it forever, (and we have in fact - because the spirit of God are the gifts, and in that hence the term forever because He is forever).

The main purpose of the spiritual gifts are to draw Heaven near, to show more of God; God's glory in the physical

At the end of the sermon there is prayer, just take your time, sit still and pray along. Take your time to listen to Him. Soak yourself into Him.

Listen to the sermon here >>

Bibeltext of the week

Daniel was a man who had visions and dreams from God. 

Notice what he did BEFORE he got the interpretation for the dream (that which he was to interpreted for the king), he went to his brothers and asked them for help to seek the mercies from God otherwise they would have been killed. BUT he didn’t do it alone, he asked for help.

He seeked for help in the body of Christ through his brothers. I find it wonderful with the double meaning in the words brothers here. They were his brothers as in siblings, but also in the spiritual. They even got new names:

Daniel was named belteshazzar = who lays up treasures in the secret.

Hananiah was named Shadrach = tender

Mishael was named Meshach = that draws with force

Azariah was named Abed-Nego = Servant of light;shining

He not only seeked his brothers, but he also seeked these qualities within himself in order for him to come close the mercy of God. And notice that the names they had at first even was names that was glorifying God. Then they got new names. That means double anointing of God was with them. And they sure needed that.

So we seek for help in the physical and in the spiritual when we seek God for anything (everything). That’s the The body of Christ working in communion. Working together.

Daniel 2:16-18 >>

The knowing of God, part 1

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