The gifts we inherited through Christ

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The gifts we inherited through Christ

Let’s look at the gifts of mercy and remember how important they are for all of us. 

We talk way to little about them. We need to talk about them, so that we can recognize which ones we each have, use those we got and grow in them.

The gifts of mercy are supposed to be used both individually AND for each other in the fellowship. When we use our gifts, we will grow. We grow because God will use Himself through the gifts, so that we can speak into each others lives. We also grow in using them because He will always upgrade us in our task in the gifts. Therefore my friend; do not hesitate to do things Gods is asking or leading you to do for others.

It is a big thing for me to share my personal gifts, because like I said, they may seem strange to the ways of the world, but in my doing into what God is leading me to do, it becomes effortless. I don’t really care about what people might think of me, I care more about what God thinks of me.

Don’t forget many things God is leading us through, is between you and Him and therefore not always something other people can understand. Looking at the things from the outside, may seem very strange. So let us stop judging so much about what we think is going on, we might not know - I find it to be so with God. Let us be humble and listen to God.

In this sermon I am talking about being a seer - what it means and how to use the gift.

Remember it is through the Love of God, through Christ, we inherited the gifts. The gifts in itself, in regard to His love, are not important, BUT the gifts are the way we can express Christ through us in action, God in action. We become the vessel He can use, and first then, the gifts become important.

Revelation 21:23-27 >> 

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We are then sowing in the way of God and that principle will always multiply into our lives. God loves to give, that is who He is, a giver.

So when we sow into Him, He will always respond in favor of our giving, that means He always multiply what we sow.



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John was a seer. He saw The book of Revelation in a vision, that is what the text say in Revelation 1:2. Imagine if John had thought; “this is too weird to write down, people might not understand it, so I am not going to”. Then we wouldn’t have The book of Revelation. So it is very important that we understand that God, in our gifts as well as in everything else He moves in, He ALWAYS works generational. John's gift is clearly working generational. And that goes for ALL the gifts of mercy from God.  

Of course God knew that John knew how important it was to write it down, but I think you get my point of how important it is that we use our gifts. 

There is a blessing in using our gifts when God tells us to. Read here on staying close to the word of God, that therefore also means what He is telling us to do, through our gifts.

Revelation 1:3 >>