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Help us Lord - teach us Lord Jesus to pray with all of our heart and help us to really know You.

When we lay ourselves down there is more of you, I pray for a renewal of You on the inner, let us seek deeper and deeper into your love, into You, teach us Lord Jesus how to do that. Help us Lord to lay ourselves down.

Let us not be afraid of laying down - flat for You Lord, bowing our knee to make room for you, solely You - on the inner.

Come Lord and mend our broken spirit. Mend everything up on the inner. You are the only one who can fix everything on the inner, I know i have tried everything to fix it - to fix the inner, but it didn’t work.

Help us Lord to be in You. Abide in You. And only You.

And in that we experience The Full Armor of God. We experience to become whole in You. 

Luke 8: 43-48 

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Wind and Wave Obey Jesus

What is it that we got in Jesus that we get to go out with? We got His peace in a chaotic situation, a situation we don’t know how to figure out.

Jesus even sleeps through the passage of storm. He is not troubled. 

He is at peace and THEREFORE He can command the storm to lay down, because He is in peace. That peace is the peace of God, to whom which He was moving through because He is residing in that peace forever. And that’s the peace we got through Christ. How beautiful.

Read here how Jesus is doing it.

Luke 8: 22-25



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