Agape Love Covenant Of Grace

We are no longer under the covenant of works, the Old Testament - it’s over; it's a DONE DEAL what JESUS did on the CROSS!

THE LORD said to me; teach My people this LOVE that I've given them; what does that really mean? And I just really want to go deep with that - because we got it on reversed.

Everybody is trying to move from where they are into to love more, and we can't do that. The love that Chris gave us, is within us - it is full on, 100 percent!

It is not something we have to work for! We just simply have to strip off that Old Testament-thinking - it's killing us, it's killing the church. It's killing what The Holy Spirit wants to do.

So we simply have to get this; WE ARE UNDER THE COVENANT OF GRACE! And this is from the perspective I'm going to say these things.

1 Corinthians 13

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