T e a c h i n g  o n  w o m e n

This series of teachings is about women growing stronger in every aspect of life. When a woman comes to understand she has been liberated into freedom, there arises an ocean of joy where the living well of life can spring forth. We will look at the woman’s role in different aspect of life. 

We meet 18:30 in Kavalergården, Bernstorff Slot (address below) on the following dates:

Thursday 8/11 Women and society
Thursday 15/11 Woman, the peacemaker
Thursday 22/11 Women’s reformation through identification
Thursday 29/11 Women supporting women



M e e t  u s  i n  t h e  b e a u t i f u l

Kavalergården (middle building), 2nd floor
Bernstorff Slot
Jægersborg Alle 93
2820 Gentofte

Link to Bernstorff Slot >>