Shalom Peace



This sermon is about how to fight in peace and how to fight in rest - and what does that actually mean? We are going to need it so much, especially in these times we are moving more and more into.

Shaking are going to come. When people are saying "things" to you, you shake. You are like "what"? The shaking means a lot of things. There is going to be a shaking, there is going to an awakening in that. And how do we act when we are shaken? That is what is adressed in this sermon.

"Shalom Peace" in Hebrew means well, it means favor, it means friend, it means great, it means good health, perfect, rest, safe salut, prosperity, soundness, welfare and completeness. When we are anxious, we don't have a good health, we don't have a sound mind, we don't think clear, we walk around in our own worry and doubt. The peace of the Lord have all these components (mentioned).

Rest "nuach" in Hebrew means abandonne, calm down, cast down, deposit, find rest, forsake, lay down, settle down, station, wait quietly. So rest is an action! We have to seek the rest, that's what it means. We have to cast down that which is not restful within us. We have to wait quietly for The Lord sometimes. In a situation where it's just maybe chaos within, or on the outer, or both, we just wait! And we are calm, and we cast away, we deposit; 'I deposit myself into your rest, Lord. I forsake, I leave that which is not from You, Lord. I'm going to stand firm in You, Lord!'

When we experience the flesh or the enemy try to come and surpress us, we run toward and against it. A thought that which is not from God, you run toward and against it. It might look seemingly fairly ok to have those thoughs; 'ah, she did it wrong, that was stupid. I don't like that'. That's not from the Lord, thinking like that.

When Jesus was risen, He sat down with The Father. It's that resting point we have to come from within, and that only comes from knowing God, that He is with us, that He is there, that He will never abandonne and forsake us.

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