FAVOR - in the New Year

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FAVOR - in the New Year

So when we try do the tings God is telling us to do, we will experience oppression - spiritual warfare.

BUT God will come through, but we have to worship and listen to what God is leading us to do, leading us to people that we need to armor us up with - we are never to do anything alone. Also notice Nehemiah did not hesitate in doing what he was asked to do. He believed in God and therefore did it.

So there is a stepping out

There is a call to action

There is FAVOR - in the stepping out in action

The whole story about Nehemiah depict that - listen to the sermon and find out how he went about that. First he heard what he was needed to to, then he prayed and he asked for help and then they got into fellowship and rebuild was was torn down. And that is how God is restoring things in us and in our life.

Nehemiah 1, 2 & 3 

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Bibletext of the week

Psalm 5:12

Let’s look at what David say about Gods favor. He was a man who knew how to worship God and in that there was projection, blessing and favor from God. He was a man who had been in a lot of battle and oppression, he knew how to do it Gods way and not his way. 

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