• "And that is what I experienced - to get an intimate relationship with Jesus"


Elena Radef

Elena Radef has a calling to minister to people and lead them to have an intimate relationship with Christ.

She is an educated training instructor and psychotherapeut, and for 25 years she has done counseling for thousands of people – as a coach and speaker. By working with humans for so many years the experience has given her a great understanding of human problems and how people relate to different issues in life.

Here she is sharing her background:

I went from one healing session to another, anything in order to feel better, to become better, to live in that peace all the time, that I sensed within me. I used all the techniques I could think of, and it became more and more painful for me. I tried being with different gurus, yoga types, meditation on mantra, shamanic sessions, living in ashrams, channeling spirits, all different kinds of healing, clairvoyance, medium, reflexology, acupuncture, chines medicine, different kinds of therapeutic sessions and so on. They only lasted for a period of time, then it was the same old.

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